Additional Trip Costs

What do you do when you've already purchased a travel protection plan but end up having more costs to add to your trip?


  1. A traveler purchases travel protection (insuring only the pre-paid, non-refundable costs)
  2. They end up pre-paying for more non-refundable parts of the trip
  3. The traveler needs to add these additional trip costs to the existing plan


You've already purchased a travel protection plan, but not you have more trip costs you'd like to include in the plan.

  1. Calculate the additional pre-paid, non-refundable trip costs you need to include.
  2. Log into your Travel Insured account to add the additional trip costs, or give us a call. You should do so as soon as possible to remain eligible for time-sensitive benefits.
  3. Your plan cost may go up, depending on how much trip cost is added. Have your card number ready just in case.
  4. You can now go on your trip knowing your full trip cost is insured!


Insuring additional trip costs is important because if you were to file a claim, you will only be eligible for potential reimbursement of the costs you insured.

For example, if you purchased a plan with a trip costs of $1,000 to Ireland, but then a few days later decided to go to Scotland too for an additional $1,000, you'd need to insure the full $2,000. Otherwise, you'd only be eligible to get up to $1,000 potentially reimbursed if you are forced to cancel your trip.