Non-Insurance Assistance Services

A travel protection plan from Travel Insured includes insurance benefits and non-insurance assistance services. The non-insurance services help add value to the plan.



Insurance benefits are coverages that you could get reimbursed for if your trip doesn't go as planned.


Non-insurance assistance services provide immediate support while you're on the trip.

These two parts of a travel protection plan work together to get you the assistance you need and potential reimbursement for any covered costs associated.




If you run into any medical events during your trip, you can get the assistance you need to get treated or be sent home.



In case there is Natural Disaster or Political Evacuation at your destination, you can get the help you need to get through it and even get home.



If any important documents get lost or stolen while traveling, you can get assistance to coordinate replacement of cards, notify creditors of theft, wire money, obtain a police report, and a restoring credit guide.



Sometimes there's a language barrier that prevents you from communicating effectively. Luckily, you can get someone to assist you with communication for these scenarios.



Whether it's your eyeglasses or a prescription medication, you can get assistance to receive a replacement if needed.



You can get help when it's not an emergency, too. These services include trip planning assistance, floral services, shopping assistance, tee time reservations, meet and greet service, directions, reservations, procurement of hard-to-find items, and more.




No one expects that something bad will happen on their trip. But the reality is that unexpected events can happen to anyone. With a travel protection plan, you can help prepare yourself for the unexpected, and the services included can help you feel prepared for any situation. For example, you can get assistance for an emergency situation or simply get assistance in making reservations. That's why non-insurance travel assistance services add value - they help in dire times as well as times when you could simply use some help.


Real Stories

These are examples of real travel stories. Non-insurance Assistance Services availability may vary by plan.

Story #1

A group of friends were traveling through Italy when a stranger sprinted around a corner knocking into the group and pushing a few of the travelers to the ground. A second stranger dashed to the scene where he swiped three of their bags and ran away too quickly to be caught. This left the robbed travelers in a foreign country without their credit and debit cards, cash, and IDs.

Non-insurance travel assistance services helped the travelers by contacting their family members to have them transfer money, as well as help them replace their passport by telling them where they needed to visit to receive a new one immediately.


Story #2

A traveler was on a hiking trip in Spain where he accidentally tripped and fell. While he was lucky enough not to get injured, his glasses flew from his face, breaking them in half.

Prescription Drug/Eyeglass Replacement helped to assist him in finding a quality eye doctor and pharmacy closest to his destination so he could receive new glasses that day.


Story #3

A traveler had finished her last meeting on a business trip in Taiwan and was checking out of the hotel before her flight. That's when she realized she was being charged more than the original rate she had been given for her week long stay. She attempted to explain the confusion to the hotel staff but they were experiencing a language barrier.

Language Translation Services saved the day by providing an interpreter who stayed on the phone line with them until the billing situation was worked out and she was able to get to her flight home on time.