cruise safety tips infographic

It can be easy to forget that you need to watch out for your safety on a cruise. Here are some tips to help make your next cruise a safe one!

  • Do your research: Find crime, safety, and health information for the locations you're going to, as well as for the cruise line itself.
  • Be a good student: Pay attention to any safety instructions given on the ship, like how to use a life vest.
  • Protect your belongings: Put your valuables in the provided safe and have copies of any important documents.
  • Carry cautiously: Carry as little as possible off the ship so you're less likely to fall victim to theft.
  • Blend in with locals: Don't dress like a tourist, or you may be an easy target to pickpocket or scam.
  • Have a buddy system: There is safety in numbers so don't go anywhere alone.
  • Consume responsibly: Limit your alcohol consumption or at least have a designated sober person in your group.
  • Travel Insured: Investing in travel protection could help you if things don't go as planned.