Destination Wedding Travel Protection infographic
Why should you consider travel protection for a destination wedding? Take a look at some things that happened at one couple's destination wedding.

The couple got married in Punta Cana! All of their friends and family were invited, and everyone was looking forward to the trip. With such a happy occasion, no one thought about the mishaps that could happen.

Trip Delay

Two friends of the couple had a delayed flight that caused them to arrive a day late in Puna Cana. They missed one night at the resort due to the delay. Since the all-inclusive trip was already paid for, they lost out on that money for the first night.

Baggage Delay

That same couple experienced a baggage delay. Their bags didn't show up for a few days due to the flight delay. Thankfully, they also had a carry-on bag with important items and the wedding wasn't for several more days. However, if they had travel protection, they could have potentially had costs reimbursed for all the necessary items they needed to buy while they waited for their bags' arrival.

Accident & Sickness Medical Expenses

During an excursion, one girl was stung by a jellyfish. She needed to seek medical attention.

No one was wearing shoes at the beach wedding, and one guy accidentally stepped on broken glass. He had to get help at the resort's infirmary.

Both people had unexpected medical costs on the trip that could have been reimbursed with a travel protection plan.

The Newlyweds

The newlyweds had purchased travel protection, but luckily they didn't encounter any mishaps of their own. Even though they didn't end up having to use their plan, they felt reassured that if something happened during the trip, they would have travel protection to help them out. The other guests may have wished they invested in travel protection themselves.