Last Minute Travel

Marvin and Mark are brothers who just booked a last minute cruise that leaves in 3 weeks, but they can't agree on whether or not they should get travel protection.


Marvin: "I know it's a last minute trip, but you never know what could while we're there. We should get travel protection."

Mark: "We're definitely going on the trip so I don't think we need travel protection. I mean, what could happen? It's vacation after all."


Marvin decides to run some potential scenarios by Mark to help him understand the importance of travel protection.


Missed Connection

"What if there is severe weather that makes us miss our cruise departure?"

With travel protection: They could get reimbursed for missed activities and expenses to catch up with their cruise.

Without travel protection: They would be on their own to catch up to the cruise and potentially lose their prepaid activity costs.


Lost Luggage

"What if our bags go missing? We may need to purchase essential items to make it through the trip, which could really add up!"

With travel protection: Travel protection could help the brothers get necessary items reimbursed.

Without travel protection: Any items purchased will be at the brothers' own expense with no reimbursement.


Medical Emergency

"What if one of us gets hurt during the trip? Medical care can be really expensive abroad! What if we need to leave our trip early because of something medical?"

With travel protection: They may be eligible for reimbursement of their medical expenses and unused prepaid trip costs if they leave the trip early.

Without travel protection: The brothers may have to use their savings to pay for medical expenses abroad. They wouldn't be reimbursed for any remainder of their trip either.


After running through these scenarios, Mark was convinced. The brothers purchased travel protection and were ready for their cruise to begin!