Travel Protection for Spring Break

"What If" Scenarios To Consider

Spring break is known to be a fun time to relax. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your travel plans, what would you do? A travel protection plan can help in many scenarios. Read through our "what if" situations to decide if you should invest in a travel protection plan.


Baggage Loss/Delay

What if your bags get lost or delayed?

Arriving to your spring break destination without all of your belongings would be less than ideal. If you had to wait for your bag to arrive, you can get reimbursed for any necessary expenses made in the meantime, like swimwear and sunscreen!

Could cost you $200 to cover necessary expenses during a delay without reimbursement from travel protection



What if weather affects your flight?

Winter weather can still occur into early spring. That means flight arrivals and departures may be delayed or cancelled. Other weather patterns around the world could also impact your flight's timeliness.

Travel delay could cost you $300 for an overnight hotel and meals without reimbursement from travel protection



What if ant of your possessions are stolen?

Losing an expensive belonging, like your phone or camera, could be devastating. Travel protection offers coverage for stolen valuables.

Losing your passport in a foreign country is an even scarier situation. With a travel protection plan, you also receive non-insurance services, which could assist you with getting a replacement. If your wallet is stolen, these services can help you get money transferred from back home and notify creditors of the theft.

Could cost you $500 to replace your valuable items without reimbursement from travel protection


Injury or Sickness

What if you get injured or sick on the trip?

Imagine surfing and breaking your arm, or getting cut on coral reef when snorkeling. What if you simply get food poisoning? Any medical treatment you need to receive may be covered if you have travel protection.

Could cost you $1,000 for a doctor's visit abroad without reimbursement from travel protection



How much does travel protection cost?

Plan prices vary depending on things like the cost of your trip. However, travel protection is a small price to pay in relation to your entire trip cost. For example, for a $1,000, 7-day trip, a protection plan with a wide range of benefits could cost only $47.* That's under $7 per day of the trip! Compared to the potentially lost expenses, from scenarios like those mentioned here, $47 is a small price to pay.

Whether you're traveling internationally, going on a cruise, or staying within the U.S., there is a chance of these scenarios occurring. Take them into consideration when deciding to help protect your spring break trip!