Trina and Taya's Road Trip

Check out how travel protection can come in handy on a road trip.

Trina and Taya are sisters who live in different states. Trina lives in Arizona and Taya lives in Nevada. Both sisters planned to rent cars and meet up in San Francisco, CA for a girl's trip. Trina thought ahead and purchased a travel protection plan, while Taya decided to go without one. Since each other their trips would involve an overnight stay in a hotel, they picked hotels along their route to spend the night. The ladies were excited about their separate road trips, but they experienced bumpy rides along the way.



Trip cost = $2,500

Travel protection = $150

Total trip cost = $2,650



Trip cost = $2,500

Travel protection = $0

Total trip cost = $2,500


Trip Delay

The sisters individually chose to take scenic routes to enjoy their journey as they traveled to San Francisco. Ironically, they both encountered traffic accidents that backed up traffic for miles and caused long delays. As a result, both sisters missed check-in time at their individuals hotels. They had to cancel their reservations and forfeit their room deposits.

Trina's protection plan reimbursed her room deposit ($150). Taya could no get her deposit reimbursed.


Rental Car Damage and Theft Coverage

Thankfully, the sisters reached San Francisco and met at a hotel. While there, a storm blew into town and caused a flood. Both rental cars experienced flood damage in the hotel's outdoor parking lot.

Trina's protection plan paid the repair costs. Taya was on the hook for her rental car's repair costs ($1,500).


Despite their harrowing road trips, the sisters were grateful to just be together. They had some unexpected expenses and they also lost out on stays at nice hotels along the way. A modest investment in a travel protection plan helped Trina because she was able to get her extra expenses reimbursed.


Trina's final trip total = $2,500

Taya's final trip total = $4,000