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Travel Insured Loyalty Rewards Program

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Here's how the Loyalty Rewards Program works:

  • Your customer purchases a Travel Insured plan through your agency.
  • That same customer goes on another trip but purchases travel protection directly with Travel Insured.
  • We will compensate you for that purchase anyway.

Why are we doing this? Because it’s the right thing to do. Simply put, we wouldn’t have that customer if it wasn’t for you and your efforts!

Loyalty Rewards FAQs

Why are we offering Loyalty Rewards?

It’s the right thing to do. We wouldn’t have that repeat customer if it weren’t for you and your efforts.

Who is eligible for Loyalty Rewards?

All travel agencies who have an active account with Travel Insured to sell our retail products are automatically enrolled in the program. In order to have an active account, we need to have a Partnership Agreement on file and the agency needs to maintain all applicable travel insurance licenses.

When will my agency be paid Loyalty Rewards?

When your agency has earned Loyalty Rewards, the payment will be listed separately on your next monthly commission statement. The payment will be listed by product type, premium paid, and commission earned.

At what commission level will the loyalty rewards be paid out at?

Loyalty rewards will be paid at the same level outlined in your partnership agreement.

Can I expect to receive loyalty rewards every month from Travel Insured?

Probably not – seeing that less than 1% of our customer base is direct (not driven by travel seller – like You).

With respect to loyalty rewards, will customer names, plan numbers and travel information be provided to the agency?

If the customers travel arrangements were not procured through your agency, we cannot provide customer names, plan numbers or travel information due to confidentiality reasons.

What if I can prove that my client did in fact procure their travel arrangement through my agency – will you then provide me customer data (name/plan number)?

If you can prove that your client procured their travel arrangements through your agency, we will provide you with customer data.

Will we be able to tie the traveler back to the appropriate agent within the agency from a loyalty rewards payout perspective?

Not at this time. The agency will simply be provided a list of the products that were purchased along with the premium totals and commissionable amounts.

How are you identifying / tying the individual traveler back to the appropriate agency for loyalty rewards?

This is accomplished through the traveler profile that you create when you book a plan for your customer, specifically their e-mail address. This is also very important because it provides the traveler with all the necessary information they will need when on their trip and returning home (emergency contact information, filing/tracking claims, etc.).

What happens if my customer procures travel arrangements, including travel protection from Travel Insured, with a competing licensed agency? Will I still receive loyalty rewards?

No, the last agency to handle that client’s travel arrangements would be the agency in line to receive loyalty rewards – should that customer then go and procure travel arrangements and travel protection directly on their own.

To learn more about Travel Insured's Loyalty Rewards Program, contact us at 1‑800‑243‑3174 or

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