Bud’s extensive 20-year background in the student travel industry as a tour operator has brought an abundance of knowledge and creative solutions to our group sales department, as the National Group Sales Manager.

During his time as a tour operator, Bud chose Travel Insured International services for his tours after recognizing the need to introduce trusted travel insurance to his tours. Following years of first-hand experience in the group travel industry and usage of our products, Bud brings innovation to the group sales sector at Travel Insured and insider expertise to the forefront.

As a respected figure in the tour operator industry and the travel insurance industry, Bud’s unique ability to communicate and empathize with both sectors has made him an effective speaker and leader.

Outside of the office, Bud’s passion for creative writing has produced two published children’s books. You may also find Bud on the football field, coaching kids both at the middle school and high school level.

Contact Bud at rgeissler@travelinsured.com or 1‑860-781-6894.