Travel Cancellation Insurance

Help protect your travel investment from the unexpected.


Coverage available if you get sick or injured and can no longer travel, or if a loved one is sick and you have to cancel your trip.


If there is a natural disaster, like a hurricane or blizzard, you may have coverage.

Other Reasons

Some other reasons for cancellation include strike, traffic accident, work‑related reasons, and terrorist incident.

Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR)*

If you have to cancel your trip for a non-covered reason, CFAR is a great option!

Non-Insurance Assistance Services

Some services include:

  • Hospital Admission Assistance
  • Assistance for ID Protection
  • Prescription Replacement
  • Cash Advance
  • And More!

What others are saying about Travel Insured:

“The travel policy was a lifesaver during our vacation last year. Our flights were cancelled and we incurred numerous additional travel expenses. Our claim was paid promptly after our trip!”

Karen Moon, 7/10/2017

“We purchased Travel Insured insurance for a previous trip. We had a claim due to a cancelled flight and the claim process was very easy and I was pleased with the TII claim representative.”

Charles Kappauf, 4/20/2017

“I had to cancel my first flight reservation, and your company was amazing in how quickly it responded to my claim, and expedited it. I will continue to use this company for all future travel. Thank you!”

Lilli Lenz, 4/21/2017

*Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) benefit is available as an optional upgrade benefit on Worldwide Trip Protector. Not available to residents of New York State.