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Dependable Coverage

Travel Insured's plans provide a variety of coverage, including trip cancellation/interruption, medical/evacuation, and baggage benefits. Travel Safe, Travel Secure, Travel Insured.

Avoid Unexpected Costs

If you cancel a trip, many prepaid costs would not be refunded without travel insurance. Additionally, the cost of medical treatment away from home can be expensive, even if personal health insurance pays a portion. Travel protection can help cover costs for medical treatment and make sure you get home safe.

Ease of Claims Processing

We understand that travel protection can be confusing, so we make the claims process as smooth as possible. We provide the specific forms and information you need based on the type of claim, and a single Claims Specialist handles each claim through settlement.

Non-Insurance Travel Assistance Services

In addition to insurance benefits, non-insurance travel assistance services are available. These services, such as ID Theft Recovery and Emergency Cash advance, are provided to you at no additional cost. They can provide additional security and convenience for you while traveling.

A Real Travel Insured Claim

city travel

After an accidental injury on a hiking trip, our insured traveler was hospitalized for a T6 vertebra fracture, severe cervical ligament, and compression fractures. After a few days of being hospitalized, she had to be medically evacuated by air ambulance to receive further treatment. Travel Insured was able to pay a total of $23,200 towards her bill!

* Benefits vary by plan and all claims need to be reviewed in order to be processed.