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Last Minute Discount Travelers Can Still Buy Trip Insurance

by User Not Found | Jul 10, 2009

Travel Insured International, a leader in travel insurance, urges travelers to take advantage of the many discounted travel opportunities currently being offered to those able to make last-minute plans to help fill suppliers’ unsold inventory. As you scoop up a can’t-miss deal on a cruise, tour or resort vacation, however, remember that trip disruptions such as travel accidents, sudden illness on the road, common carrier delays and weather events may still appear when there is only a short time between booking and scheduled departure.

Although last-minute clients may not need Trip Cancellation insurance with imminent departures, they can add a bargain in travel protection. By selecting a Worldwide Trip Protector plan of their choice whose coverage begins on their departure date, travelers enjoy a reduced insurance premium because they are not including the Trip Cancellation insurance that normally covers the pre-travel time period prior to their departure date.

Starting at 12:01 a.m. on the day of departure, the lower-cost Worldwide Trip Protector insurance, sometimes known as a “post-departure” coverage plan, includes full Trip Delay protection while going to and through the airport to the scheduled takeoff. Except for the elimination of any Trip Cancellation coverage and a maximum limit on Trip Interruption of $1,000 in return-air expense only, the plan for last-minute travel still provides full Travel Insured travel delay, emergency medical, and baggage coverage. Worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance, accessible by a free phone call wherever help is needed, is included with each plan. Terrorism coverage is included, and all plans either include or have an option to purchase common carrier accident insurance.

The lower-cost Worldwide Trip Protector plans with coverage starting on the scheduled departure date have insurance premiums reflecting strong savings due to their elimination of Trip Cancellation benefits. You may select Travel Insured’s most popular Worldwide Trip Protector plan with coverage starting on departure date by paying a base premium ranging from $20 per person for a traveler up to age 35 to $97 for a traveler age 86 or older. Travel Insured’s affordable Trip Protector Lite plan has a base premium for the last-minute plans ranging from only $15 for a traveler up to age 30 to $68 for a traveler age 81 or older. Trip Protector Lite Expanded, with higher coverage limits on some benefits, has coverage starting on the departure date that ranges in premium from $19 for the 30-year-old to $81 for the 81-year-old. Even travelers selecting Trip Protector Gold for last-minute luxury travel enjoy savings with coverage starting on the scheduled date by paying an insurance premium ranging from $25 for a traveler up to 35 to $131 for the traveler age 81 or older.

Remember to select coverage starting from scheduled date of departure in your choice of Worldwide Trip Protector plans even when booking a trip at the last minute before departure. Trip disruptions, unfortunately, may not take a holiday even when you are taking one at the last minute!

Insurance benefits in the plans are subject to limitations and exclusions, including an exclusion for pre‑existing conditions.

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