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Help Speed Up Assistance Services During Travel

by User Not Found | Jan 05, 2011

Travel Insured offers Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance services in all of the plans within its Worldwide Trip Protector brand line. But taking preventive steps that help quickly solve travel emergencies is a smart strategy for less stressful trips.

Consider these tips:

  -   Make photocopies of personal IDs, including passports or driver’s licenses, and all travel documents. Keep these in a personal carry-on bag, not in a checked bag. Copies help facilitate faster replacements and prevent long delays if originals are lost or stolen.

-  Write down names and toll-free phone numbers of banks that issued debit or credit cards being used while traveling. Keep separately from your wallet on a handheld computer device or paper to allow faster reporting and replacement if originals are lost or stolen.

-  Credit and debit cards using microchips instead of card swipe technology are needed for wider acceptance in some countries. Find out if a microchip card is needed for your trip.

-  Copy med and eyewear prescriptions on a handheld computer device or a paper kept separately from your wallet to allow prompt replacement if drugs or eyewear are lost.

-  Be sure to leave full contact information on both the outside and inside of your checked bags. If the outside tag is lost, the inside tag helps prove that a missing bag is yours.

-  Tie a colorful, short ribbon or chord onto a checked bag handle – or paint the handle or zipper a bright color. The bag is easier to spot on an airport baggage carousel.

-  Go to the airline baggage claim counter immediately and fully complete a missing bag claim if your checked bag does not arrive. Remember that more than 95% of missing bags are returned to your location within several hours of arrival.

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