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Airline Ticket Change Fee Waiver List for Japan Flights

by User Not Found | Mar 17, 2011


Airlines with international flights to and from Japan have issued helpful, but temporary change fee waivers for passengers who need to change their flight tickets to Japan due to the country's recent earthquake, tsunami, and resulting nuclear reactor disaster. In most cases, tickets may be changed to new flight dates without fees, and in some cases the flights can be rerouted or the tickets cancelled for a refund.

Note that dates below for both the original tickets and the deadlines for new travel dates vary widely by carrier and may change on a daily basis. Passengers should periodically check the web site of their individual carrier for policy updates. Here are the main announcements, with more details available on the airlines' web sites.

In all cases there are no fees charged for the changes allowed by carriers, and all indicated dates are in 2011. The new flight deadlines are departure dates, not travel completion dates.

American:  For tickets issued by 3/13 for flights between 3/13 and 3/18.  Rebook         to fly

            by 3/25 from Tokyo Narita Airport or by 5/10 from Tokyo Haneda Airport.

ANA (All Nippon):  For tickets issued by 3/13: Rebook to fly by 7/10.

Continental and United: For tickets issued by 3/11 for travel by 3/31:  Rebook to fly by 4/30.

Delta: For tickets to travel between 3/11 and 3/31: Rebook by 3/31 to fly by 4/25.

Hawaiian: For tickets issued by 3/11 for travel by 4/10: Cancel with no penalty.

For tickets issued to travel by 3/18: Rebook to fly by 4/30.

Singapore:  For tickets issued by 3/11 for travel between 3/11 and 4/10: Rebook, reroute

or cancel tickets with no deadline indicated.

China Air: For tickets issued by 3/11: Rebook, reroute or refund tickets with no deadline


Japan Air Lines: For tickets issued by 3/14 for flights between 3/11 and 4/10: Rebook or

            reroute flights with no deadline indicated, but no refunds included.

Cathay Pacific: For tickets issued by 3/11 for flights between 3/11 and 6/30:  Rebook or

            reroute flights with no deadline indicated.

KLM:  For tickets issued by 3/11:  Rebook by 3/23 to fly by 4/30.

Virgin Atlantic: For tickets for flights up to 3/24: Rebook or reroute flights to fly by 9/30.

*Fee waiver information drawn from airline web sites is subject to change based on travel conditions.

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