Trip Cancellation

A travel protection plan offers trip cancellation coverage for a variety of reasons.

Travel Protected

  • Help protect your trip against cancellation losses with Travel Insured
  • We offer Customer Support and 24/7 non-insurance travel assistance

Medical Reasons

Coverage if:

  • You get sick or injured and can no longer travel
  • A loved one passes and you have to cancel your trip

Cancel for Any Reason

  • Available as an optional upgrade benefit on Worldwide Trip Protector
  • If you have to cancel your trip for a reason other than the ones already covered, CFAR is a great option

Mother Nature

Coverage if:

  • Your destination is hit by threatening weather conditions or natural disaster

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What others are saying about Travel Insured:

“Your inclusion of 'Cancel for Any Reason' in this policy helped us make our final decision to purchase your trip insurance policy! Thank you!”

Herbert M. Ota, 2/18/2015

“I have used this insurance many times, and have been dealt with promptly and courteously. Only once did I have to call in the cancellation, and this was handled promptly and according to the stated rules.”

Gary Nobert, 9/25/2014

Coverage is subject to terms, conditions and limitations. Coverage may vary by state or may not be available in all states.