Plans That Include Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Coverage

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What Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Covers

You may be eligible for coverage for Trip Cancellation/Interruption and Accident & Sickness Medical Expense due to a pre-existing medical condition if you purchase your travel protection plan no longer than 21 days after your trip deposit date. You must also insure all prepaid non-refundable trip costs and be medically able to travel at the time the plan is paid for.

A pre-existing medical condition is defined as any illness, sickness or condition that affects you, your traveling companion (insured or uninsured), business partner (insured or uninsured) or any member of your immediate family (insured or uninsured) and for which medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment was obtained in the 60 days prior to the day you purchase your plan.

If the medical condition and its treatment has remained unchanged for 60 days prior to the day you purchase your plan, it is not considered pre-existing and is covered as a regular medical condition for both Trip Cancellation/Interruption, Accident & Sickness Medical Expense, and the Medical Upgrade even if you do not purchase your plan within the time limits mentioned above.

All medical conditions, even if considered pre-existing, are covered under Emergency Evacuation, Medically Necessary Repatriation and Repatriation of Remains.

If you add non-refundable trip costs after you have purchased your travel protection plan, please make sure to add them to your plan within 21 days as well to ensure you continue to remain eligible for this benefit. You can do so from within your Travel Insured account or give us a call at 855-752-8303.

Coverage and benefit eligibility may vary by state.