Plans That Include Optional Travel Inconvenience

Worldwide Trip Protector

Available as an optional upgrade

Worldwide Trip Protector Lite

Not available

What Travel Inconvenience Covers

We will pay You, the amount shown in the Schedule of Benefits, if while on a Trip, any of the following covered Unforeseen reasons occur:

  • Closed attractions
  • Beach Closure
  • Missing Work
  • Flight Delay
  • Flight Cancellation
  • Flight Diversion
  • Tarmac Delay
  • Cruise Diversion
  • River Cruise Diversion
  • Rainy Vacation
  • Rental Car Breakdown
  • Hotel Infestation
  • Hotel or Vacation Rental Property Construction
  • Rental Property Lockout
  • Credit/Debit Card Cancelled
  • Hotel Late Arrival Benefit
  • Theft of Business Money
  • Delay at Security Check-in
  • Security Breach Delay
  • Terminal Evacuation
  • Vacation Rental Distributors Inconvenience
  • Cruise Disablement
Read your plan document for full details and eligibility of each reason above. Coverage may vary by state.