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Coronavirus FAQs

by Travel Insured | Feb 27, 2020

Updated October 7, 2020

PLEASE NOTE: We are experiencing a higher call volume than usual and there may be longer wait times. We appreciate your business and will continue to assist you as quickly as possible.

To save your time, we recommend visiting our Help Center and/or using the self-service options on our website when possible:

How can I stay up to date with travel coverage alerts?

Travelers should monitor information provided by the WHO to stay up to date with the latest regarding the Coronavirus. Travel Insured's Coverage Alerts page, also provides the most up to date information regarding travel protection coverage related to Coronavirus.

Can I cancel my trip?

Your trip must be cancelled due to a covered reason. One covered reason for Trip Cancellation or Interruption that could apply is quarantine .

What can I do if I am afraid to travel?

If you want to cancel your trip out of concern for the Coronavirus, you will need to have a plan with Cancel for Any Reason Coverage*. This benefit is a time sensitive coverage and not all travelers may be eligible.

How do I qualify for Cancel for Any Reason coverage?

Cancel for Any Reason* allows you to cancel no matter the reason, as long as you cancel 48 or more hours prior to your scheduled departure date. You are able to cancel your trip plans and recover up to 75% of your non-refundable trip cost. As a reminder, you must purchase your plan within 21 days of the date your initial deposit made toward your trip is received in order to be eligible for this benefit (additional terms apply). Cancel for Any Reason is not available to residents of New York State.

What if the Coronavirus causes a travel delay?

You must be delayed for the time period listed on your plan while en route to, from, or during your trip due to a covered reason. 

What if my Travel Supplier cancels my trip?

If your Travel Supplier cancels your trip, the Trip Cancellation benefit may pay for the reissue fee charged by the airline for the tickets. You must have insured the entire cost of your trip including the airfare cost.

What if I miss my flight due to coronavirus screenings at the airport?

Except for Interruption for Any Reason coverage (provided 72 hours or more have passed since your actual departure date)**, Travel protection will not cover you if you miss your flight due to extra screenings at the airport for the coronavirus. Please allow extra time to get through security checkpoints.

What if the country I’m traveling to has a travel warning or advisory?

A warning or advisory issued by the State Department for any country is not a covered reason for trip cancellation or interruption.

What if my doctor recommends I don’t travel?

If your doctor thinks you shouldn’t travel due to your age, an underlying condition, or even just to be safe, this unfortunately is not covered unless you have Cancel for Any Reason.

Can I get a refund for my protection plan?

Our plans come with a 14-Day Look, which means you may be able to get a plan refund within 14 days of purchasing the plan. If you are past the 14 day period, you may be eligible for a plan voucher instead.

I am no longer taking my trip. Do you offer a voucher to use my protection plan for a new or rescheduled trip?

Due to unique circumstances surrounding COVID-19, Travel Insured is permitting all insured travelers whose trips have been affected by the virus to change the travel dates on their plan to cover a new or rescheduled trip (provided you are no longer taking the impacted trip due to COVID-19).

If you know your new dates of travel, we will update your protection plan to reflect the new dates. If you do not know your new travel dates yet, we will hold your plan voucher for future use. The future or rescheduled departure date must be within 2 years of the original departure date.

Please fill out this form if you are requesting a protection plan voucher.

What about future travel credits?

Current plan holders: Travelers who have a protection plan and receive a future travel credit from their Travel Supplier are able to use our voucher option and then include the value of their travel credit as part of their insured trip cost covered by the new plan. The future or rescheduled departure date must be within 2 years of the original departure date.

If you are looking to purchase a plan: Travelers who have been issued a future travel credit due to cancellation for COVID-19, who did not previously have a plan with us, are able to purchase coverage and include the value of the future travel credit as part of their insured trip cost. When purchasing a new plan, the deposit date you should enter is the date you made your first non-refundable payment toward your original trip, not the date you use your future travel credit to book a new trip.

Is coverage available if I get sick with COVID-19 while traveling?

Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation: If travelers become ill with COVID-19 while traveling, claims will be considered on the same basis as any other covered sickness.

Trip Interruption: If a traveler has to leave their trip early because they become ill with COVID-19, claims may be paid under this benefit.

Purchase Coverage No Matter Your Destination

Many people may feel that if an event is not in the destination they are traveling through or to, then they do not need to bother with investing in travel protection. Even if your travel plans to do not involve the direct path or location of the event currently, your plans could still be effected.

Emergency Medical & Medical Evacuation Coverage

Purchase a plan that provides coverage for medical expenses incurred during travel, particularly outside of the U.S. With the medical benefits included in our plans, you can help ensure access to quality medical treatment wherever you travel and protect yourself from unexpected travel medical and evacuation expenses.

In the event of an emergency, please contact Travel Insured’s non-insurance emergency travel assistance, 1-888-668-0130.

This statement only provides a general summary. Please refer to your actual plan document for the specific terms and conditions of the specific plan purchased as eligibility for coverage varies based upon the specific plan terms, conditions and limitations, and may vary by state or may not be available in all states. Travel Insured recommends travelers purchase proper travel protection plans in case of unforeseen circumstances and to know where to go and where not to go during their travels.

*This describes the Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage included in the Worldwide Trip Protector Plus Plan.  The specific eligibility requirements may vary by plan design.  CFAR is not available to residents of New York State.

**This describes the Interruption for Any Reason (IFAR) coverage included in the Worldwide Trip Protector Plus Plan. The specific terms may vary by plan design. IFAR is not available to residents of New York State.

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