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Recommendations as the TSA Secure Flight Program Begins

by John Stone | Oct 31, 2010
Travel Insured's Tips to avoid delays under the Transportation Security Administration's new Secure Flight Program.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Secure Flight Program begins Nov. 1, and Travel Insured International urges travelers to turn new airline ID requirements to their time-saving advantage. When presenting full names, genders, and birthdates of travelers at time of booking, include the prepaid trip cost per person to obtain instant travel insurance rate quotes.

East Hartford, CT (Vocus) November 1, 2010 -- American travelers have anticipated for months the new TSA Secure Flight Program passenger data requirements that officially began Monday, Nov. 1, 2010. Designed to check passenger information against U.S. government "no fly" lists and eliminate false security reports, the program requires that complete Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) be submitted for each airline passenger at the time of booking. The SFPD information includes full names with middle names or initials, genders, and dates of birth to be entered into the airline ticket booking to match the information on the government-issued photo IDs the passengers will present at the airport.

While some will look on Secure Flight as a hassle presenting potential delays until system bugs are eliminated, this is a new opportunity for savvy travelers to get an instant insurance quote at the time of booking. Obtain the required SFPD information from fellow passengers, such as family members, prior to making a booking because most airlines and travel agencies will no longer allow a ticket or boarding pass to be issued until the passenger information is provided. When making the booking make use of the birthdates and trip costs of each traveler as the two key pieces of information needed to obtain a quick, accurate travel insurance quote from your travel agent. Why guess or estimate how much insuring a trip will cost when SFPD information is being presented that facilitates an exact, instant quote?

Travelers should ask their travel agent for a Travel Insured International "Quick Quote," which can be found by visiting Travel Insured's web home page. When the visitor keys in travel departure and return dates, the trip cost per person, and the age of each traveler, and clicks the type of trip planned and the "Get Quote" tab, a price quote page will be quickly displayed. The quote page presents inclusive and optional coverage listed for each plan available for the type of trip indicated in the quote request.

Tips for Avoiding Secure Flight Program Delays

  • Gather the SFPD information ahead of booking.
  • Double check to be sure SFPD information on an airline booking matches each passenger's government issued ID card. Use the mandatory information to obtain an instant travel insurance rate quote.
  • Remember that there may be added delays during the upcoming holiday season with the new Secure Flight plan so allow extra airport check-in time.
  • The insured traveler is responsible for complying with government travel rules and requirements. A delay due to the insured's failure to comply with required SFPD is not a covered reason for Trip Delay coverage.
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