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Terrorism Travel Protection Questions Answered

by Kellyn Uhelsky | Sep 16, 2016


terrorism travel protection questions answered

Travel Insured International gives insight into how travel protection plans can cover travelers’ itineraries in regards to terrorism.

With several terrorist attacks occurring world wide over the past year, it has caused some travelers to rethink their plans. Travel Insured International, a leading travel protection provider, wanted to answer a few questions that many travelers may have about how travel protection could impact their upcoming vacation plans.

How can purchasing travel protection help me?
By purchasing a plan that includes Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption coverage you can receive up to 100% of your pre-paid trip cost when a politically-motivated terrorist attack occurs within the territorial limits of a city listed on the insured's travel itinerary and within 30 days of the insured's departure date.

How do I know if an event is a terrorist attack?
The U.S. State Department must deem an event a terrorist attack, which then allows the terrorism coverage to become effective.

Can I buy travel protection once an attack happens?
Once an act of terrorism begins it is no longer unforeseen, and coverage is no longer available for plans purchased on or after the date when the attack was initiated.

When do I need to purchase a plan for a trip?
We suggest purchasing a protection plan when you first book your trip. To receive coverage for a specific terrorist attack, the plan must be purchased the day before the attack occurs.

I’m traveling to a city close to somewhere that experienced a terrorist attack, will I be covered?
The plans do not include coverage for surrounding cities. Terrorism coverage allows cancellation if an attack takes place in any of the cities on your itinerary, which includes stopovers.

Can I cancel my trip?
By investing in a plan with Cancel for Any Reason Coverage*, you are able to cancel your plans and get up to 75% of your total trip cost for any reason allows you to cancel no matter why you have decided to cancel, fear being one of them as long as you decide 48 or more hours prior to scheduled departure.

What can I do if I am afraid to travel?
Unfortunately, fear is not a covered reason for trip cancellation. However, purchasing a plan with Cancel for Any Reason* as listed above would allow you to.

How can stay up to date with travel alerts and updates?
Travelers should monitor information provided by the U.S State Department, here, to stay up to date with travel warnings, alerts, named terrorist attacks, etc. Travel Insured's Current Events page, also provides a list of the covered terrorist attacks once they have been deemed and information on eligible coverage.

Travel Insured recommends travelers purchase proper travel protection plans in case of unforeseen circumstances and to know where to go and where not to go during their travels. If you are concerned about the risk of terrorism while you travel, check the terms of the protection plan you're considering before making the purchase. Please contact us at 1-800-243-3174 or

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