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Exploring Tennessee

by Isabelle Raffin | Mar 07, 2022
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The next stop on our tour around the U.S. – state by state- is good ole’ Tennessee. Like many of the states that we’ve explored so far, Tennessee brings its own uniqueness to the United States as a whole. With rich history, great music, unbeatable sites, and out of this world food, there’s something here to satisfy every type of traveler. Buckle up, pack your suitcase and let’s check out some of the reasons you might want to add this state to your U.S. travel bucket list.

Whether you want to road trip or hop on a flight to this wonderful state we’re sure that the city and country aspect of this state will have you in awe.

Tasting Tennessee

One thing that you can count on when traveling to the south is hearty food. Tennessee is no different. So, what are some of their most popular dishes?

Fried Pies are one of Tennessee’s staple sweet treats. Fruit wrapped in buttery pie crust deep-fried to perfection. These wonderful handheld desserts are perfect to curb your sweet tooth all year round. Although the fruit of the season may change from peach to blueberries to apples, the deliciousness won’t budge.

Sweet Tea is another foundational part of tasting Tennessee. In fact, it could even be argued that no southern meal is complete without a sweet tea to wash everything down. It’s simple – iced tea sweetened with lots…and lots of sugar. If you don’t like sweet drinks with your meals, you might want to stick with water this time around.

Country Ham…need we say anymore? This one may be the state’s most famous and popular delicacy. Hams are salted to cure and can be served many ways. Try it boiled, fried, baked, or any way you see fit to counter the sweetness of the other Tennessee flavors. Tennessee natives boast that their country ham is worlds better than Virginia’s. See where you stand in this culinary battle.

What about side dishes? There’s actually one that comes along side country ham quite often. Biscuits and red-eye gravy. Who doesn’t love a biscuit and gravy combo? Their red-eye gravy is cleverly named as it is created using a mixture of the ham drippings and coffee. While the gravy cooks and renders down a layer of fat rises to the top giving the look of a human eye when you look down at it. Hey…no one said this would be healthy.

The Great Smoky Mountains

Tennessee offers the most visited national park in the U.S – the Great Smoky Mountains. The Park houses over 900 miles of trails for you and your travel buddies to explore. If you’re feeling especially adventurous and are looking for spectacular views consider hiking Clingmans Dome to its summit. There you will find an observation tower that boasts out-of-this-world 360-degree views. Other popular park locations include the Sugarlands and the Cades Cove. Whether you plan to go camping or take day trips, the Great Smoky Mountains won’t disappoint.


Tennessee has over 22,000 miles of streams for die hard anglers to explore and conquer. It offers a full spectrum freshwater fly-fishing experience. Tennessee offers an abundant population of trout including brook, rainbow, and brown trout. You may also find smallmouth bass and river muskellunge. Be sure to check out the regulations including fishing licenses and limits depending on the specific location you will be fishing in.


If you're a music fan, especially country, Tennessee might be the best next place to visit on your bucket list. From Nashville to Memphis and across the entire state, music is celebrated at every corner. From the Grand Ole Opry, to the Country Music Hall of Fame, to Beale Street, and more, you will be emersed in their music culture. What are some popular music destinations?

Beale Street Memphis

Beale street is one of the most iconic streets in the US. Here you will find restaurant, shopping, and entertainment no matter where you turn. Beale Street brings together various music styles such as Rock n’ Roll, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Soul and more. If you’re looking for a place to hang out all day long and into the night; this could be just the place for you and your travel companions!


Are you a big Elvis fan? Tennessee has just the thing for you. Graceland and the Elvis Presley Memphis Complex is one of, if not the most, famous rock and roll residences in the US.  Presley’s home hasn’t been changed since 1977 so it is sure to provide some exciting rock n’ roll history. The complex also displays a variety of Elvis Presley’s outfits, cars, and more memorabilia. There are various tour options that suit all interest levels, including a virtual tour. So even if you don’t make it out there you can still share in the fandom.

Music Row

Why stop at just Elvis? Nashville Tennessee is home to the famous Music Row. Here you will find record labels, radio stations, recording studios and more. Popular attractions include RCA Studio B, a studio where legendary artist like Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, and Willie Nelson recorded music and contributed to the expansion of Nashville’s music scene. Also stop by “Musica” the largest group bronze statue in the nation. It stands 40 feet tall and depicts 9 male and female statues dancing. You can also take a tour through all of music row on a night trolly – perfect for date night!

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