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Why Travel Protection Is A Must

by Haley Dobrowski | Jul 21, 2022
travel protection

We live in a world where the unpredictable can happen at any time. Your trip can be delayed due to inclement weather. A natural disaster can force you to cancel your trip. The airline may lose your luggage. What can one do in cases such as these and more? Travel protection is a way to help protect your trip against unforeseen events that may affect your vacation. Here are a few ways your future arrangements can be secured by a travel protection plan.

Trip Cancellation

Many reasons may cause a disruption of your plans and force you to cancel your trip. You may have a medical emergency or maybe your child’s school year gets extended. We understand the last thing you want to do is cancel your vacation, but it may be necessary. That’s why having coverage for trip cancellations can be beneficial. If your situation fits one of the covered reasons listed in your travel protection plan, you may recover up to 100% of your nonrefundable, prepaid expenses.

Accident & Sickness Medical Expense

The last thing on your mind while away is possibly getting into an accident or getting sick. You don’t want to find yourself scrambling for a way to pay for healthcare. Private health insurance coverage for overseas travelers may vary by insurance company1. People with original Medicare will generally not be covered outside of the states.1 Why not have protection that extends beyond U.S. borders? A protection plan for travel within the U.S. may be helpful as well if you don’t have adequate health insurance to cover costs while you are away from home. It could be a relief to know you have protection when you need it.

Trip Delay

It’s not hard to imagine being stuck at the airport because your flight is delayed. That could put a damper on your vacation. With Trip Delay, you can be reimbursed for reasonable expenses (such as hotels and meals) and additional transportation costs. You may also recover prepaid, nonrefundable expenses for portions of your trip effected by the delay.

Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Baggage

What if your bags are lost, damaged, or stolen? Under our plans, covered belongings can be reimbursed up to the lessor of their actual cash value or the cost to repair or replace the item with that of similar kind/quality (up to the maximum in the schedule of benefits).

Cancel for Any Reason

Travel Insured’s Worldwide Trip Protector plan includes the option to add a Cancel for Any Reason benefit that could really come in handy. If your reason for cancelling isn’t already covered under the plan, this could be beneficial. Your reason for canceling could be anything: you changed your mind; a black cat crosses your path; or maybe there’s an emergency at home. To be eligible, you must cancel 48 hours or more before your scheduled trip departure date*. This benefit reimburses up to 75% of your non-refundable, prepaid expenses.

These are just a few of the many benefits Travel Insured offers. Visit our homepage at to compare plans and even get a quote! See why protection can truly make your travel plans complete.

*Additional cost and terms apply.







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