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Tips On Booking Your Trip This Wave Season

by Haley Dobrowski | Aug 02, 2022
wave season

You might think wave season has something to do with surfing on actual ocean waves, but it really has nothing to do with waves. Wave season is a wonderful time of year in the travel industry that refers to the ‘wave’ of cruises that are announced each year. During wave season, travelers can score some of the best deals on cruise vacations. Not only can travelers find the best deals on cruise packages, but they can also find out which cruise lines are offering specific routes, for how long, and when. Wave season typically begins at the beginning of each year, running from January until the middle of March, and is the ideal time to jump on any newly announced cruises or take advantage of any promotions. Stepping out of the holiday season, and entering wave season to an all-inclusive package deal, to an exotic destination is enough to pull anyone out of winter blues. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of this wave season.

Know Your Go-to Suppliers

Preparing yourself with knowledge on cruise lines and your own calendar is important to think about before browsing any sales or promotions. When going into wave season, think about your top destinations for where you want to cruise, which suppliers you want to cruise with, and when the best itineraries and dates are that you would consider. Know your go-to suppliers before surfing through the deals, so you know what to expect from your favorite cruise lines and can determine if the sales would be of value. Your favorite cruise suppliers might even offer promotions and perks available to its members only or through email lists. Monitor your go-to cruise lines’ websites and social medias, so you don’t miss any limited time offers.

Book Now for Vacations Later

When perusing the deals that wave season offers, the cruise doesn’t need to be during wave season. You can purchase ahead for a cruise that’s set to sail in the summer, fall, or even the winter. Nowadays, it is popular to book last-minute vacations in fear that booking early may run into reservations changes or cancellations later. However, most cruises that are set for later in the year are offering promotions or packages for specific cruise lines or routes during wave season. Last minute bookings may mean higher prices and less availability. Wave season is a great time for cruisers to take advantage of the deals and potentially book a cruise they plan on taking much later in the year.

Book with a Friend

Booking a cruise during wave season with a friend or a group of people is a great way to make it more affordable. You can split the costs of an already-discounted cruise deal between one, two, or even five other friends and really make the most of a cruise package deal. Since two or more people can share a room, it’s a smart idea to split a cabin and the price with friends. In general, group rates for cabin and cruise pricing are generally lower and discounted from the price you would pay if you were booking the cabins separately.

Early-bird Gets the Worm

You may or may not have heard the phrase ‘Early-bird gets the worm.’ During wave season, it’s true, the earlier you book, the better rewards and deals. If you see a high demand sailing excursion on a new ship or during popular holiday dates, the best time to book a cruise is as soon as fares are released. Often, the best rates are offered when packages first go on sale during wave season and generally increase as the date of the cruise gets closer. By booking your cruise early, you’re not only getting discounted fares, but you’ll have a lot more options of cabins, packages, and upgrades available.

Take Advantage of Extras & Upgrades

The real incentive to booking a cruise during wave season is the additions and upgrades that cruise lines add to their promotions. Although wave season is the best time to look for reduced cruise fares, many lines offer special deals as incentives to book early. You can find promotions that might include kids sail free, discounted beverage packages, free cabin upgrades, complimentary shore excursions, spa treatments, and even discounted airfare if you must travel to the cruise port.


Knowing the best time to book a cruise can be key to enjoying discounted prices and value-adding perks. Lots of things can happen between the time you book your trip and the day you leave for your cruise. Get prepared before cruising the high seas by purchasing a travel protection plan, so you may cruise more relaxed knowing you’re safeguarded from unexpected events. Talk to your travel advisor or visit our website to learn more about how travel protection can protect you this wave season. Happy cruising!






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