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Bullet Train Adventure Abroad

by Haley Dobrowski | Sep 27, 2022
bullet train

With a boom in Japanese innovation and technology, you can transform distant locations into feasible day trips by riding the Bullet Train. The Bullet Train, also known as Shinkansen, allows you to zip around the country traveling at around 330 mph. One of the best ways to experience the Bullet Train is to start by exploring the dazzling city of Tokyo, then begin your speeding adventure into the country. By purchasing a Japan Rail Pass, you can explore castles, hike forested shrine paths, or relax in a hot spring. The Bullet Train offers an unforgettable way to explore all that Japan has to offer. Let’s take a look at 5 different day trips from Tokyo by Bullet Train!

Nagoya – Nature & Castles

Nagoya is Japan’s fourth-largest city and one of the most popular day trips from Tokyo with a Japan Rail Pass. It is full of historic beauty and serene walking paths. If visiting during the spring, you may see the iconic cherry blossoms covering the city with beautiful pink flowers. Consider checking out Meijo Park and Atsuta Jingu for spectacular views and peaceful nature walks.

The city of Nagoya is known for its impressive castle, Nagoya Castle. The castle was one of the largest in Japan at one time until it was mostly destroyed in 1945. Restoration efforts are being made and expected to be done in the coming years. A visit to the castle can be a great way to immerse yourself in Japanese history and experience what life was like in the 17th century.

Yokohama – Waterfront Attractions

Yokohama is a beautiful coastal city located just one stop south of Tokyo on the Bullet Train. It is the second-largest city in Japan and home to many popular attractions. Yokohama’s city center is known as Minato Mirai. It is located along the water and full of shopping, hot spring baths, museums, and an amusement park.

Japan’s largest Chinatown is located in central Yokohama. You can find many Chinese stores and restaurants on every street. Various events and Chinese festivals such as Chinese New Year are held in Chinatown. It is a colorful adventure that can give you a taste of Chinese culture with a Japanese spin.

Atami – Relaxing Getaway

Located only 45 minutes from Tokyo via the Bullet Train, Atami can be the perfect escape from Tokyo’s concrete jungle. You can visit the Atami castle to learn about Japanese culture and history or visit Atami Plum Garden for a scenic botanical walk. Atami can also be the perfect getaway if you are feeling overwhelmed by the busy city of Tokyo.

Atami is famous for its hot springs and resort feel to it. All around Atami you will find onsen baths, or hot springs. The hot springs are natural pools of hot volcanic water pumped from the ground that are used as spas to relax and unwind. After a day of seeing the many attractions Atami has to offer, a soak in the natural hot springs can be ideal.

Shizuoka City – Scenic Views

Shizuoka City is a beautiful city located only an hour away from Tokyo by Bullet Train. Shizuoka is famous for supplying most of Japan’s green tea and offering incredible scenic views of the Pacific Coastline. Consider heading to Nihondaira Plateau for amazing views of Mount Fuji and rolling green tea fields. Mount Fuji is Japan’s tallest volcanic mountain and most iconic landmark. Nihondaira has an observatory and park for 360 panoramic viewing decks overlooking the ocean. Shizuoka City offers another breathtaking view of Mount Fuji at Miho Beach. Miho Beach is famous for its views of Mount Fuji along with its pebbly shoreline. Before leaving Shizuoka City, consider popping into a matcha café for delicious refreshments. Considering Shizuoka supplies Japan with most of its green tea leaves, there’s no better place to indulge.

Osaka- “The Kitchen of Japan”

Although a longer 2.5 hour Bullet Train ride from Tokyo, Osaka offers an array of activities and a well-known food culture. Osaka is known as “the kitchen of Japan.” You can explore alleyways around the city for the best coffee and cuisines. The most famous dish in Japan originated in Osaka: takoyaki. These small balls of batter stuffed with squid and topped with a sweet dark sauce are a must-try on your adventure. Located in the city center of Osaka is Dotonbori. It is the city’s waterfront entertainment and restaurant hub where you can truly get the Japanese culture and cuisine experience.

Exploring Japan has become more convenient with the Bullet Train. It allows you to speed through the countryside to explore the culture, history, and lifestyle of Japan. No matter what day-trip adventure you choose, always consider packing your travel protection. Talk to your travel advisor or visit our website to learn more about how travel protection can help you if the unexpected happens.






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