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Fantasy Vacations

by Isabelle Raffin | Nov 29, 2022
fantasy vacations

Most of us probably fantasize about vacations we would take, filling up our Pinterest boards with white sand beaches and tropical palm trees, envisioning exactly what we will do there when we finally have the opportunity to make those dreams come true. Creating bucket list locations can be a pastime for many of us. So, let’s take some time to check out a few locations that may not have made it to your list yet, but you might just want to add them!


Fiji comes to mind for many of us when thinking of a luxurious, tropical paradise with white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. This one may already be on your list. But let’s take a deeper look at one of the most luxurious ways to experience this beautiful, tropical, collection of islands.

Laucala Island is a 3,500-acre private island owned by billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz, the founder of Red Bull. Here you will find all-inclusive private villas with infinity pools, private dining and more. Throughout the island is a 240-acre farm growing all the fresh food needed for the five restaurants on the island, including a Rock Lounge bar located at the top of a cliff with breathtaking views. You can even find an 18-hole championship golf course! A stay on this island can also allow you to experience the blue lagoons by canoeing, snorkeling, or even taking a complimentary submarine for a ride among the reef sharks and rays. Laucala Island is just one ultimate luxury resort vacation that checks off many of the marks of what makes a dream island.



When stepping off the plane in Tahiti, you will most likely be warmly welcomed by the natives of the island placing a lei around your neck and mesmerizing you with their Tahitian dances. Tahiti is one of the 118 archipelagos located in French Polynesia that is full of blue lagoons, palm-fringed beaches, lush mountains, rainbow coral reefs, and romantic overwater bungalows. It’s what dream vacations are made of! Staying in one of the famous overwater bungalows here might just be the epitome of tropical luxury for families, solo travelers, or honeymooners. Included at the luxurious villas are private plunge pools, attentive butler service, and private beach dinners experienced in the most breathtaking settings.

Tahiti has all kinds of activities to do that can make it an unforgettable trip. You can book a private Jet Ski tour across the crystal-clear waters, go on a shark and ray safari via a private boat, and even rent a Porsche to cruise you to yacht club restaurants and clubs around the island. If you're ready to put your hiking boots on, then consider making time for a hike up an extinct volcano and bathe in magnificent waterfalls along the way.

Tahiti offers a mix of culture, adventure, and indulgence that really makes it a vacation you might want to be dreaming about.


South Africa

If you’re looking for a safari, get-away but in luxury, then South Africa can be just the place. Cape Town is one of Africa’s most glamorous cities. Located on the coast, you can get a little bit of safari and a little bit of beach time. Consider indulging in the cultural cuisines of southern Africa with a food tour along the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront with a view of the dazzling ocean, then making your way inland for a wine and dine at the Vineyards around Franschhoek.

After exploring the food, culture, and coastline of Cape Town with a private guide, you could make your way to Kruger National Park and stay overnight in the luxurious accommodations at Richard Branson's Ulusaba. The views at Ulusaba Rock Lodge are breathtaking, as it sits on a hilltop for full panoramic views. At the base of the cliff is a watering hole, where you can see a rhino sleeping nearby or hyenas strolling through from the private viewing deck of your lodge. Each room at the lodge even has its own infinity plunge pools that offer gorgeous views! During your stay, you can adventure in an open 4x4 vehicle for a game drive to enjoy South Africa’s nature and even catch sightings of the Big Five. The Ulusaba can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience South Africa in a whole new way.


Cruise Through the Mediterranean

Exploring the Mediterranean attracts travelers every year, but why not go big and cruise into your dream vacation on a private yacht? Cruising around on a private mega-yacht sounds exotic and glamorous right? While chartering a fully crewed luxury yacht, you might be able to experience gourmet meals, fine wines, service at your fingertips, and the opportunity to wake up every day in a different port or country to explore. One of the best parts is the flexibility and privacy. You can choose to spend a few days in a certain location or spend each day in a new one. It’s all up to you! Cruising around the Mediterranean could give you totally different experiences every day. You can explore the ancient ruins of the Roman Empire in Italy, wine and dine in Marseille, France, or explore the volcanic islands of Spain. There are many beautiful coastline cities around the Mediterranean that are waiting for you to explore by yacht!



Whether you decide to travel more budget-friendly or drop everything and take a luxurious 7-day cruise around the Mediterranean, it is important to consider protecting your trip. Check out our protection plans that offer protection for travel delays, lost baggage, medical emergencies, and more. We can help you to protect your next dream vacation from the unexpected.



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