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Cruising Into the New Year

by Haley Dobrowski | Jan 24, 2023

Cruising is making a great comeback as travel returns for the new year. Cruises can allow travelers to hop from country to country while minimizing the travel hassle and maximizing time for rest and relaxation. As the new year begins, it is an exciting time to start looking for the best cruise deals since the new year coincides with the wave season. Wave season is the time of year that the travel industry refers to when the ‘wave’ of cruises is announced each year, and it usually falls between January and March. Travelers can find some of the best deals on returning cruises and new cruise ship releases. There are many cruise lines to choose from that offer a unique adventure and incredible deals. We’re going to highlight some of our own favorites!

Royal Caribbean

The Royal Caribbean cruise line is one of the most well-known cruise lines to sail the high seas. From their most popular Caribbean cruises to Alaskan Cruises and Mediterranean Cruises, the Royal Caribbean has many destinations to choose from. One of the greatest perks that makes the Royal Caribbean such an attractive cruise line is that they selectively offer a promotion throughout the year where kids can sail for free. The Royal Caribbean is a very family-friendly cruise line that offers many activities for kids and adults to enjoy! When booking your next cruise, try being on the lookout for the periods when these limited-time offers are available!

Princess Cruises

If you’re looking for a more elegant cruising experience aboard a cruise ship, then Princess Cruises might be the cruise line for you. They excel in their hospitality and gracious service that helps to create an elegant atmosphere for passengers to mingle and relax. The deck offers several quiet and relaxing pools, classy dining and bar areas, and showroom entertainment. If your ideal cruise is the opposite of the hustle and bustle of a floating amusement park, then Princess Cruise is a great option. You can enjoy the traditional and comfortable relaxation as you set sail to your choice of over 300 cruise destinations.

Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages’ ships might stand out among other cruise lines because of their superyacht-inspired atmosphere. Virgin Voyages is most well-known for being an adult-only cruise line with brand-new ships, having a large focus on food, wellness, and technology, and including many unique evening entertainment options. Although Virgin Voyages is a newer cruise line with four ships to choose from, they offer a variety of destinations around the world, such as the Caribbean, Europe, and South Pacific. If you’re a foodie and prioritize wellness then Virgin Voyages is a great option to enjoy amenities like the group workout classes offered, lounge pools, 20-plus dining venues and specialty bars, and food tasting excursions.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises is an upscale and innovative cruise line with a great reputation for their customer service. It’s said that each ship carries approximately one crew member for every two passengers to help create high levels of customer service and keep passengers satisfied. Celebrity Cruises offers luxurious experiences to many destinations, including Antarctica. With vast glaciers and an abundance of wildlife, Antarctica is a unique destination to view some of the world’s natural wonders. Embarking from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Celebrity Cruise sails to several locations in South America before sailing the Drake Passage to Antarctica. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

American Queen Voyages

There’s so much you may not have explored in our own backyard. Instead of sailing the seas across the world, there are domestic options to cruise the rivers in the United States. A popular domestic cruise line is American Queen Voyages with some of the longest trips in the U.S. with two 23-day itineraries on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. This river cruise line showcases some of the best culture and cuisine of each region you visit. The paddlewheel steamboat is a unique way to explore the United States and learn more about our history!

Setting Sail

With cruising back on the rise for the new year, it might be a good idea to know your go-to cruise lines, destinations, and the best time to book a cruise. If you’re interested in learning what the cruise ‘wave’ season is and tips on how to make the most out the best cruise vacation deals, then check out our tips on booking your trip this wave season. This year is expected to be a big year for both new and frequent cruisers. Regardless of whether this is your first cruise or your hundredth, get prepared for setting sail by purchasing a travel protection plan. To learn more about our travel protection plans visit our website.




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