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Where to Travel for 4th of July Fireworks Shows

by Isabelle Raffin | Jun 13, 2023
fourth of july

The United States lights up with fiery brilliance every 4th of July, when cities across the nation celebrate Independence Day with extravagant fireworks displays. If you're a fireworks enthusiast or simply craving an unforgettable patriotic spectacle, here are some of the top destinations to consider for your next summer adventure.


New York City, New York

Some say no other city does the 4th of July quite like New York City. Macy's 4th of July Fireworks, the largest pyrotechnic show in the nation, is a bucket list event for many. With over 75,000 individual effects set off from multiple barges stationed along the East River, the city skyline and iconic landmarks provide a dramatic backdrop. Watching this spectacle from a rooftop or a boat cruise can offer an incomparable view, helping to make it an unforgettable experience.


Washington D.C.

As the nation's capital, Washington D.C. hosts an exceptional 4th of July celebration. The National Mall, with the Washington Monument and U.S. Capitol in view, might just be an amazing setting for a breathtaking fireworks show. The day is packed with patriotic events, starting with a parade down Constitution Avenue and capped off with the "A Capitol Fourth" concert. The grand finale is a spectacular fireworks display illuminating the night sky above the city's iconic monuments.


Boston, Massachusetts

Boston's 4th of July celebrations are steeped in history and tradition. The Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular is a free event attracting thousands to the Esplanade. This fusion of an orchestral concert with a mesmerizing fireworks show is considered to be truly unique.


Nashville, Tennessee

Known as "Music City," Nashville puts on a show for the 4th of July that lives up to its name. Their 'Let Freedom Sing!' event pairs an incredible fireworks display with live music performances from top country artists. The night sky lighting up to the beat of music can be a feast for both the eyes and ears.


Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

For those seeking natural beauty to complement the man-made spectacle, Lake Tahoe's "Lights on the Lake" can be a great choice. Watching from a boat or the shores of the lake, with the surrounding mountains mirrored in the water below, can be a magical experience.


Honolulu, Hawaii

For a 4th of July celebration with a tropical twist, Honolulu might be just for you. Ala Moana Beach Park hosts a fireworks display that's as dazzling as any on the mainland. The sparkling lights reflecting off the Pacific Ocean, coupled with the city's unique Aloha spirit, makes this another exceptional choice.


San Francisco, California

The Golden Gate City puts on an impressive show for Independence Day. The fireworks display over the Bay, with the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz in the background, makes for a striking setting. Try catching the show from the water on a cruise or find a spot along the city's many vantage points.


Miami, Florida

In Miami, Independence Day celebrations kick off with the "America's Birthday Bash" at Bayfront Park, including a kid's zone, live music, and food. As night falls, the sky lights up with a stunning fireworks display over the waterfront. With Miami's vibrant atmosphere and stunning beaches, this can be a great spot for a summer getaway.


New Orleans, Louisiana

For a 4th of July celebration with a touch of Southern charm, consider heading to New Orleans. The city hosts "Go 4th on the River," where two dueling barges on the Mississippi River put on a unique fireworks show. This spectacle set to music and mirrored in the river can be a sight to behold.


Choosing your 4th of July destination depends on what you want to pair with the dazzling light show – be it historical sights, natural wonders, live music, or just the patriotic spirit of a city. No matter where you choose to go, you’ll most likely feel an exciting sense of unity on this day as various American cities light up the sky to celebrate freedom with their own unique style. So, try to immerse yourself in these spectacular displays and let the spirit of Independence Day illuminate your summer. Don’t forget to pack your travel protection each time you set out, so you can make the most of every moment. Talk to your travel advisor today or visit our  website to learn more.


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