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4 Surprising Places to Visit in Maryland

by Isabelle Raffin | Nov 08, 2022
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Next time you’re planning a U.S. vacation, consider Maryland as a destination. You may be surprised at what you discover. Maryland’s history, tourist attractions and proximity to Washington, D.C. are just some of the natural draws for visitors. Did you know that the Appalachian Trail runs through Maryland? Did you also know that Old Bay Seasoning was originally created in Baltimore? Maryland is known for great crab houses, and some use Old Bay to give their crab dishes a kick! Read on to learn more about Maryland and the surprises you may find.

Abolitionist Statues in the Maryland State House

Maryland’s history includes the Civil War and the abolitionist movement. During that time, abolitionists served as protestors of slavery and fought to end the practice in the 13 colonies. Statues of two famous abolitionists, Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglas, can be viewed at the Maryland State House in Annapolis. The two life-size bronze statues stand in the Old House Chambers. The room is significant because it is where Maryland adopted a new constitution banning slavery in 1864. Here’s a neat fact. Descendants of both Tubman and Douglas attended the unveiling of the statues in February 2020. The attraction is a gold mine for history buffs and enthusiasts.

Inner Tubing at a Restaurant?

Yes, you read that right. Fish Tales Bar & Grill in Ocean City is a quirky, waterfront restaurant you can visit in the spring and summer. The owners found a creative way to keep customers separate while eating and having fun. The restaurant features “bumper tables” that are surrounded by large inner tubes to keep diners distanced from one another. The custom-built tables resemble vinyl records on wheels. People can walk in the restaurant’s parking lot and bar area while mingling, enjoying cocktails and eating great food! Not only is the experience a wonderful photo op, it’s also a novel way to play bumper cars.

Cute Ponies on an Island

What do you get when you mix ponies, barrier islands and a love of observing wildlife? You get the Assateague National Seashore and the neighboring Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge1. These barrier islands are nestled along the Maryland and Virginia seashores. Here’s a fun, historical fact. The free-roaming ponies are descendants of ponies brought by colonists in the 1600s. These attractions can also be great for bird watching enthusiasts because their locations are along a major migratory flight path.

The Beach Awaits You

When you think of Maryland, you may not necessarily think of great beaches. However, you may be mistaken. The locale is 10 miles of deep, sandy beach full of aquatic activities, family-friendly fun and great hotels. It can be just what locals and tourists from all over the country are looking for. The boardwalk is packed with shops, games and amusement venues. It’s also a quick stop on your way to Washington, D.C. and Virginia. If you’re visiting Maryland for the first time, consider putting this beach on your itinerary.


As you can see, Maryland is full of surprises. When you set out on the skies or roads again for a vacay, think about keeping Maryland in mind. Until that time comes, why not take a little virtual tour? The Maryland Office of Tourism offers a virtual tour of attractions you can find all over the state. When you’re ready to visit Maryland in person, consider getting a travel protection plan to help secure your trip. Non-refundable expenses incurred from luggage loss, travel delays and more can be reimbursable under a protection plan. Visit us at to learn more about our Worldwide Trip Protector plans.



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